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  • Flash sale email campaign template
  • Social media image template
  • One page pitch deck template
  • ​Facebook ad template
  • ​1-page customer persona template
  • ​Blog content resource guide template
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Use my proven marketing templates that me and my team have tested and are using right now!

Over the past year, me and my team have been working on these marketing templates every day. We have spent time testing these templates and have put real money behind them in order to make them as effective and valuable as possible. Happy marketing!

Learn More About My Marketing Templates...

Flash sale email campaign template

Email marketing is a powerful tool for any business. So are flash sales. Flash sales are limited time offers that are meant to drive sales. 

The key to both email marketing and flash sales are that you have a catchy subject line (call to acton) for your email. The more people that open your email, the more people who will read your emails and the more people who will respond to your call to action. My flash sale email template will give you access to:   
    -Almost 100 of 2020's best email subject lines
    -50 subject line templates that get opens with examples
    -Sample email messages for you to model after

Facebook ad template

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. This means that no matter who your target market is, they are most likely on Facebook. That's why Facebook continues to be a go-to place for advertising. Facebook is unique in that it offers targeted marketing. My Facebook ad templates will give you all the information you need to know in order to be create successful Facebook ads even if you are not a copywriter! Some of the aspects of Facebook ads I will cover in this template will help you:
    -Write a Facebook ad with good copy
    -Use a captivating ad image
    -Sizing your image correctly

1-page customer persona template

Are you struggling to keep the connection with your current customers? If you are trying to sell to everyone then you really are selling to no one. My template will give you the opportunity to tailor-fit your marketing message categorized by all types:
    -Forgotten Cart
    -Birthday Wishes
    -Upsell / Down-sell
    -Deals / Coupons

Stories From Our Students

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Declan McCarthy
Founder, Snoop

"As a college student and entrepreneur, I was very intrigued when I first heard about Ÿwän's resources. I have been happy to find that despite Ÿwän's experience in fashion, his resources are applicable to any industry or service. From product validation to business plan development, they have provided me with supremely in-depth explanations and advice and I have already been able to use to avoid so many mistakes. With life-time access, I will be re-visiting resources that coincide with the current stage of my startup!"

Kara Citarella
Mental Empowerment Coach

"Business advice to fit my life! As a full-time working professional and aspiring entrepreneur, I have very little 'spare' time during the week. Ÿwän's resources have managed to put valuable information into bite sized pieces to keep me engaged and challenged, even with my busy schedule. Ten minutes of online mentorship with Ÿwän provides enough value for a whole week of business advice for my coaching practice!"


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